Hi! I'm Jane. I'm a graphic designer + illustrator based in Queens, NY.

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Toys & Antiques 2017 Calendar
This is Vietnam
Twin Cities, Minnesota
Branding for Lillie Gardner, pianist
The girl with the dog by her side
Overtime is SO Over
Julia and Bieber
My Name is Prince
The Lost Art of Handwritten Communication
Chess Championship Poster
John Lennon Airport
Rawk n Roll
America Give Up
Haha, pass
New York City
Book Cover Design
Jim Greco and Elizabeth
Piano Recital Poster
City of Snoqualmie
SpongeBob Patterns
Eight Pieces
NYC Taxi Playing Cards
Shock Ale
Obama for America
My Three Bulldogs
Eggs, bacon, and toast
Nickelodeon Consumer Products
Branding for pianist Lillie Gardner
Chillin 'n Grillin
Children's Milk Label
Dump the Junk
Economy Candy
Mix & Match: The Pattern App
This One's Different
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